Places to Go in Northeast Wisconsin

Visit these places at your own risk.

Newport State Park (Upper Door County)
Braunsdorf Beach (north of Algoma, southern Door county)
Point Creek County Park (6 miles south of Manitowoc)
Toft Point (Door County)
Up north Waterfalls
Three beautiful places in Oconto County, Nicolet Forest
My General rules for Skinny Dipping on Public Land

Lake Michigan Sites

This is listed in Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation (1991) for Newport State Park (Upper Door County):

"Door County is Wisconsin's thumb in Lake Michigan. And Newport State Park is at its northeast tip, one-hour drive north of Sturgeon Bay. Newport State Park rangers don't bother discreet skinny dippers at Europe Bay. Food and lodging nearby. Roads are less crowded on weekdays."

"Drive to Ellison Bay then east on Route 42 and where it again swings north, continue east on Europe Bay Road to its end; park. Walk to the shallow Europe Bay, then north (left) to the seclusion of fallen trees where the beach is the best. Behind this beach is Lake Europe, warmer than Europe Bay with a shallow sandy bottom. Bring a float."

One of our 'pond floaters' has been recently skinny dipping in Europe Bay. He told me that he had talked to a ranger there and the ranger was ok with skinny dipping. You might want to ask a ranger yourself to double check.

08/2006 Update: Hardly anyone is going there.

Mapquest link for Newport State Park

Topomap for Newport State Park

Braunsdorf Beach (north of Algoma, southern Door county)

I personally checked out this location in August. It would normally be a very nice location for skinny dipping. One of the 'pond floaters' use to live in the area and went nude there. He said sometimes he would see 4 or 5 other people skinny dipping. When I checked it out, the lake algae was quite invasive and left deep scum on the sand. Also, the lake level has been low and the beach is overgrown with brush.

08/2006 Update: not a popular site because of the algae.

The land seems to belong to the Schuyler Creek State Fishery Area.

Mapquest link for Braunsdorf Beach

Topomap for Braunsdorf Beach

Point Creek County Park (6 miles south of Manitowoc)

This park was only created in 2004. The trails are not even established yet and there is NO signage. Two ways to the beach: 1) Bushwhacking thru the woods and then hiking down a steep bluff. The north end of the beach is mostly algae free. 2) Hike on the west side of the woods down to the creek and then hike north along the beach.

It seems to be a very remote location and won't be a park that it used much.

08/2006 Update: This park is being used and enjoyed

A quote from the geocaching site: "There currently are no trails within the park except for those created by wildlife and a few cleared by the forestry crews who are in the process of thinning out the conifers."

Mapquest link for Point Creek County Park

Topomap for Point Creek County Park

County website for Point Creek County Park

Toft Point (Door County)

This is listed in Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation (1991) for Toft Point

"Not as far up Door County penisula is little-visited Toft Point. This wildlife sanctuary was acquired by the Nature Conservancy and turned over to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Old growth makes you think of Canadian forests. Dilapidated wood buildings have a ghost town appeal. UW groups sometimes visit as do New Age folks from the Clearing. The most relaxed, lovely nude sunbathing spot in northeast Wisconsin, with a rocky shoreline on chilly Lake Michigan; a reedy bay with sandy shading to muck; and grassy sunning lawns."

"Route 57 to Bailey's Harbor. At Sandpiper restaurant, east on Ridge Road for 1 1/4 miles. Where the road forks right for Bailey's Harbor Yacht Club, you go left and soon pass through the Toft gate. Another mile brings you to a small parking lot area (if filled, you must park at the gate). Walk a mile further to Moonlight Bay Beach."

08/2006 Update: People have been visiting this location. They like the scenery. Quite rocky though.

06/2008 Update: Better Directions - When you go down Ridges Drive, watch for the Marina. The road forks just before the Marina. Take the left fork, which keeps you on Ridges Drive. You will see the Marina buildings on your right. At this point you are actually heading south east. You will reach what seems to be the end of the road. You will see the lake straight ahead thru the trees. On the left, you will see a gravel road. Take that gravel road (which is still Ridges Drive). Drive the road towards the end of the road. About 100 yards before the end of the road (turnabout), you will see a trail opening on the right with a clearing in the woods. Park there or anywhere along the road and take the trail to the rocky beach. It's a quick hike. You may see clothed people there. Please read the instructions at the end of this page for proper behaviour. Please respect the clothed people. Don't piss them off. Good links! Please click on them if you don't want to get lost.

Google Map link for Toft Point

TerraServer Aerial View link for Toft Point

Other locations

Up north Waterfalls

A very nice set of waterfalls and swimming area up north of Green Bay. This place is being kept secret and location is only known by the people visiting Dragonfly Beach.

Three beautiful locations (Oconto County, Nicolet Forest)

Three beautiful locations in northern Oconto county. All Dragonfly Beach attenders have access to the message forum which lists these places and gives map links and directions.

One of the locations is a Forest Ranger 'unofficial but tolerated' location with old growth woods and rapids with clean water.

My General rules for Skinny Dipping on Public Land

If I see other skinny dippers from a distance, off goes the clothes! I will go up to them and introduce myself.

If no one else is around, off goes the clothes! Rangers and police will generally not bother someone unless they get a complaint. More than once, I have had an officer walk by and have a friendly chat with me, but I've never had a ranger or policeman hassle me. To the best of my knowledge, the state supreme court in WI has ruled that an officer can not be offended by nudity himself.

If I see clothed people set up on a beach and I don't see any other skinny dippers, I keep my clothes on.

If no one else is around and I am skinny dipping and I see clothed people (from a distance) come down the beach, I will very casually and slowly get a towel and wrap myself. If I'm laying down, I might just loosely put a t-shirt over my crotch. This way, I'm being 'discreet', but at the same time let the people know that I was skinny dipping. They will either continue walking down the beach or sit down near you. If they sit down near me, I will ask them if it's okay if I continue skinny dipping. I never get a negative response.

Have fun!

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