Dragonfly Beach Contact Information

NOTE: Please read this page if you wish to attend any of the fall, winter or spring events. Only people who are approved will be kept informed of events in Northeast Wisconsin. There will be an event every two to three weeks.

Before contacting Dragonfly Beach, please read the following information.

Dragonfly Beach is a member of the Naturist Society and is in total agreement with the statements about Naturism as defined by the Naturist Society. Please click on Frequently Asked Questions and read the webpage carefully. You should also read Beach Etiquette. Dragonfly Beach had to complete and sign Naturist Network: Participating Agreement Form to be listed in the 'N' magazine.

Officers of the Naturist Society have visited Dragonfly Beach numerous times. Please contact them at Naturist Society if you have any doubts about Dragonfly Beach.

I did an analysis and found that most of the people swimming here or attending off-season events had sent initial emails that were at least 150 words in length. Therefore, I will NOT respond to any initial emails that are less than 150 words in length. Spelling and correct English is not important. Itís the thought that counts. Here are some hints: Be polite, mature, and courteous. In your email, you also might want to tell me something about yourself.

NEW (as of 7/31/06) We have many families, single women and elderly people now visiting Dragonfly Beach and off-season events. I make every attempt to provide them with a safe place to visit. I get many new emails a day and it's taking me HOURS to do check people out. I reject about 50% of the emails. It's a whole lot easier and quicker to approve people who provide me with their FULL NAME, ADDRESS, AND HOME PHONE NUMBER. If you are married, it helps to have your spouse's name too.

All your personal information is kept confidential. I only introduce people by their first name. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of Dragonfly Beach, please contact the Naturist Society for references.

I might still respond to emails that do not contain enough personal information. I often write back and give links to other beaches and resorts in the area.

Married men and women are allowed to come by themselves, except... their spouses MUST know they are coming here. You are not allowed to hide your activities from your spouses or partners. This has caused trouble in the past.

Dragonfly Beach is now an alcohol free 'zone'. Some of the non-summer events are also alcohol free, some aren't.

If you still wish to contact me, then please email me. We now have many friendly people visiting the beach and attending events.

Contact: dfbeach@gmail.com

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