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Last updated on 3/27/2018
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(A view to the northeast)
Welcome to Dragonfly Beach! A Clothes Optional (Skinny Dipping) Swimming area located near Brillion in northeast Wisconsin. If you are interested in visiting this year, please email us.

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The pond is surrounded by aspen trees, brush willows and wild prairie plants. The pond is in a secluded location and allows privacy for skinny dipping. One of the favorite activities is floating on air mattresses. Itís very peaceful laying on your back viewing the clouds and hawks or laying on your front and watching the birds, frogs and dragonflies. I personally enjoy laying sideways on an air mattress and viewing the aquatic life in the clear water.
(A view to the east)

(A view of the beach. Water pump in background for 'firehose' fun)
The pond is an oasis to wildlife in the area. Redwing blackbirds, barn swallows, killdeer, golden finches and other birds call it home. Frogs and toads are happy in or near the water. Cranes and geese also stop to visit during their migrations. Hawks are frequently circling high above, riding the thermals and looking for critters to eat. We have many different birds on our farm, living in the trees or in the buildings. The pond is the biggest bird bath in the area.
Dragonflies are by far the most interesting creatures to watch. Dragonflies come to the pond to mate. I have seen at least 10 different species and the males come to fight over the females. Some very noisy dogfights ensue and spoils come to the victor! My goal this year is to identify all the dragonfly species. So far, I have identified the Common Whitetail, Dot-Tailed Whiteface, Calico Pennant, Sweetflag Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes forcipatus), cherry-faced meadowhawk (Sympetrum internum), twelve-spotted skimmer (Libellula pulchella), common green darner (Anax junius) and Blue Banded (bluet) Damselfly.
I saw this damselfly up north by Niagra, WI near a shady waterfall: ebony jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata). I will be borrowing a butterfly net and some more guide books soon. I might buy some binoculars that will allow me to focus within a 5 foot distance.

(A view of the shallow end)

(Stack of air mattresses and pond toys)
The pond was built in 1987 on the highest part of our small 17 acre farm. This was to prevent any field runoff or contamination from neighboring farms. I was fortunate that this location was solid clay versus the sand or gravel found in other locations on my farm. 2000 cubic yards of clay were removed and banked on the south and east sides to create a pond with approximately 750,000 gallons of water. I had many loads of sand trucked in to create a sandy beach and pond bottom except for the 10 ft deep end. The pond is filled from rain, snowmelt and water pumped from a deep well that can supply 25 gallons a minute when needed.
I also created the pond so I could have a place to swim Ďau naturelí and a place for my kids to play in the sand. Wisconsin has only one nude beach and itís 3 1/2 hours away. I grew up in California and I donít enjoy the feeling of sand in my swimsuit. A nudist club in Wisconsin used to visit my place often in the early 90ís until my kids Ďtook overí the pond for their own activities.
(Along the trail to the pond)

(Sand pile. Used for beach and castles)
The pond was heavily used by hordes of children visiting my kids for a place to cool off during the summer. (Clothing required at these times.) Many sand castles and forts were created on the sandy beach. Plastic army men and Tonka toys littered the beach. I am still finding toys when I rototill the sand.
Mr. Heat Ray would come on June 21 to deliver pond toys to the children. Mr. Heat Ray is one cool dude who came flying in on a magic surfboard being pulled by flying fish. He could tell who was naughty or nice by the use of his magic sunglasses. Instead of milk or cookies, we would leave him beer and potato chips. He would leave surf board tracks in the sand and a pile of presents on the beach.

Sometimes Mr. Heat Ray would be late or forgetful, but.... who could blame him after consuming all that beer? More than once, our kids would ask why he didnít show up on June 21. He always came through eventually.

(Mr. Heat Ray's landing site)

(View to southwest)
Alas, my kids are mostly grown up. My son just graduated from high school and my daughter is rarely home. The pond is happier when lots of feet are kicking up the sand and water. Itís less work on my part to keep the middle of the pond clear of vegetation when people are stirring up the water.

Because of this, a friend of mine who has skinny dipped for years in the pond and myself have decided to get the word out and make the pond available for other people looking for a place to relax and get some sun. The pond is NOT a swingers club or a place where guys look for girlfriends. Some of our skinny dippers are people who grew up outside of this area and miss the beaches of Florida or California.

(Looking east)

(Looking north)
We do not discriminate because of age, sex, religion or sexual orientation.

Because of all the kids tracking sand into the house in the past, I built an outside bathroom in a 5 by 5 ft building with a flush toilet. It has a curtain for a door. I also put in a solar shower behind the granary, which consists of an old water heater tank painted flat black with a shower head on top. The water comes out quite warm or hot depending on how sunny it is. It's used as a regular shower during most of the summer. There is no limit on the showering since the hot water is free. Check out the claw foot bathtubs too.

(outdoor bathroom)

(Flush toilet)

(Solar shower)
I also have two camping locations. One is located in a clearing of sumacs which is shady and protected from the wind. The other is just north of the pond in a wildgrass section. People have also camped behind the house and between the farm buildings. Campfires are permitted and sometimes we have big bonfires. Parking is never a problem and occasionally we have had a motor home or two park for the night.

There are NO fees for camping or swimming. Material donations or labor is always welcome. Many people will bring bags of aluminum cans and when my 'Possum' van is full, they get taken to the recycling center. Overall, people visiting the property doesnít cost me anything and in fact helps by reducing my labor on the pond and cutting grass.

(Camping in the sumacs)

(Camp in the prairie)

(Camp behind house)
We have many water faucets located around the pond with two locations having drinking pipes (pipes sticking straight up with a faucet on them.) The faucet is turned on and the water bubbles out the top. Our water is supplied by a 160 foot deep well. The water is clear and tasty.
(Faucet and drinking pipe)

(Deep well)
We also have lots of edible plants on the property. I have an orchard full or apples, plums and pears that create much more fruit than my family can consume. We have wild and domestic grapes and lots of raspberries. I used to have domestic raspberries, but it was too much work and now we have wild raspberries on the property. The raspberries turn black when they ripen and are quite tasty. My son used to be very protective and secretive about where he found raspberries and would declare them off limits to everyone else. Bookmark this page and when you check back, you might see a report and pics of ripe fruit.

(Black raspberries)

(Very young apples)

(Young raspberries)
If you are interested in visiting my place, please go to FetLife.com

The pond is safe. No quick drop-offs. The pond gradually gets deeper from the beach until about halfway out and then drops down to 10 feet deep. You would have to keep walking out into deeper water to drown. There are no platforms, docks or edges for someone to fall into deep water. Parents are expected to watch their children when there are family events scheduled.

Remember.... itís clothing optional! That means you donít have to remove any clothing. We donít pressure anyone to get nude. Some people always wear swimsuits, some might just remove a top, some remove a bottom or just remove it all.

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